Can’t decide which blush to get? or Want all of them?, but couldn’t spend that much money on each product!. Thankfully Benefit Cosmetics have solved this problem!. Alot of us have been a really big fan of Benefit Cosmetics since forever. Today I’m here with another review of one of my favorite palette”The Cheeky Parade” from Benefit Cosmetics.


This benefit limited-edition cheek palette is a great way to save some money, while getting all of your favorite products!. It has five of Benefit Cosmetics best blushes & bronzer. It consists of three blushes and two bronzers along with mini blusher brush.

The packaging of this palette is beautiful as always! Benefit Cosmetics never disappoints me with their packaging. The quality of the products are as same as individual ones. When you flip open the lid, you hit up with the smell of all blushes and bronzers all together, making it smells really yummy.


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HOOLA: ( Matte natural bronzer )

HOOLA LITE: ( Matte natural light bronzer )

GALIFORNIA: ( Sunny golden pink blush )

ROCKATEUR: ( Rose gold blush )

DANDELION: ( Bright baby pink blush )


Hoola bronzer has been the part of the Benefit Cosmetics family from a really long time. This is a really beautiful matte warm-toned bronzer, which blends really effortlessly into the skin. It suits almost every skintones and looks great.


If Hoola seems a little bit dark-orange on to your very pale skin, then this one is for you! It is the perfect alternate of the Hoola bronzer as it is from the same family. Hoola Lite is the perfect shade for my natural skintone, because it adds a touch of warm-tone to your skin. Just like the Hoola bronzer, it also applies and blends easily.


Over the last couple of weeks I have seen this all over the internet. It’s like everyone is obsessed with it. This blush is of perfect pink hue with the touch of gold sunny shade. This blush is very pigmented and the pink shade is a little bit intense so, the little goes a long way! I recommend using a mini brush that comes with the palette to apply this, because the shade is intense, so when it is applied with regular fluffy blush brush, it doesn’t looks that blended.


This blush is so pretty. It has a rose golden tone with peachy and pink hues. This blush gives you the perfect glow, because it also have tiny golden glitter but not too intense. It would be paired perfectly with Hoola Lite for lighter skintones.


This blush is of really beautiful bright pink shade. It gives you the perfect tint leaving your cheeks looks like naturally blushing. I really love how it sits on to my skin against my skintone.

What is your favorite blush or bronzer from this palette?


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