Anastasia Beverly Hills is a brand that doesn’t need an introduction. Alot of you have seen tons of ABH’s products floating over Instagram and Youtube. One of their most trendy products is the “Moonchild Glow Kit”. When it first came out, it took over all the internet!.


Is the ABH trendy Moonchild Glow Kit is a hit or miss?. So, today in this post we are going to discuss everything about this kit. First off, this palette comes in beautiful iced blue packaging, which I think is a really good combination with shades of highlighters that are in the kit. This palette has six highlighter that I haven’t seen anywhere yet, they are out of this world!. They all are metallic powders and are cold-tone, but suits almost every skintone. The shades of these highlighters are very unique, they range from purple hues to whites with a touch of chromatic finish, Yes chromatic finish! Have you seen anything like that before?


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BLUE ICE: This is a light bluish white shade with iridescence finish.

STAR: This is metallic silverish grey shade with iridescence finish.

PURPLE HORSESHOE: This is a light purple shade with iridescence finish.

PINK HEART: This is a pinkish silver shade with metallic finish.

LUCKY CLOVER: This is a metallic light green shade.

BLUE MOON: This is a mix of blue & purple shade with iridescence finish.


My most favorite ones from the palette are “Star” & “Pink Heart”, because they are more on the side of shades that you can wear on daily basis and they also suits well on my skintone.


Overall, I think that this palette is a hit! YAY!. They are super pigmented and are very unique daring shades, like normally I wouldn’t expect that I would wear a metallic green shade on my cheeks, but honestly these shades looks so flattering. I think that this palette is an inspiration to step out of our comfort zones, and try something new with our look, something that we haven’t tried yet or afraid to try!.

So, as you have read my review, would you like to try these daring shades?

Let me in the comments below, if you like to read a review on ABH Aurora Glow Kit too!.



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